Hi, I’m Chicago criminal attorney Josh Adams and I’ll tell you right now that I know how you’re feeling.  Scared. Vulnerable. Confused.


Why else would you be looking for a skilled defense attorney?

Nobody wants to be charged with a crime. Nobody. It’s beyond upsetting… it’s infuriating. It throws a wrench into normal, day-to-day living.

Naturally, we all love our freedom and we want to hold onto it.

I’ve been doing criminal defense work for over ten years. So, make the right choice for yourself and call me. And know one thing before you do… you’re not alone and we’ll get through this together.

Now take a look at my About  page and you’ll see why you’re going to feel assured of an expert and successful defense.

A criminal defense attorney with years of trial experience, Mr. Adams served as a judicial law clerk in the federal court in Chicago, IL, and gained experience in trying federal cases. After leaving public service, Mr. Adams conducted numerous motions to suppress, and tried drug, robbery, assault, theft, and financial crimes in the state courts. Mr. Adams also focuses on appeals in both the federal and state courts.